Is it possible to change your own vibration and energy field by eating chocolate with an enhanced vibration?

We say YES! 

Our chocolate is not only good for your physical body, but it can even help to enhance your energy field!

WHAT?  Is that really possible?

If the amazing superfood qualities of this raw chocolate weren’t enough, we have also been able to vibrationally and energetically enhance our silky smooth and rich cacao with a very specifically designed vibrational energetic clearing process.  Did you know that EVERYTHING is energy?  That’s right, quantum physics now shows us that all matter is made up of energetic particles vibrating at a specific frequency.  ‘Bad’ energy vibrates at one frequency, while ‘good’ energy vibrates at another frequency.  All of your cells are made up of this same exact energy and when you introduce another energy to your own, your overall frequency will work to match that of what you have come in contact with.

Have you ever noticed your overall attitude when you come in contact with a person with ‘bad’ energy for example?  That’s right, your energy frequency begins to decline.  So much so that you can actually physically feel it.  The same is true for positive or ‘good’ energy frequencies.  Because everything is energy, whether you come in contact with a person with a positive frequency or an amazing superfood CHOCOLATE, your frequency will begin to match it!

As Michelle from NJ states, “I can always tell if  haven’t yet had my Genesis Chocolate for the day.  But as soon as I do, my brain clears, I gain instant energy, and it seems like my entire outlook on life switches from whatever I was dealing with to-LIFE ROCKS!  It’s almost magical.”

Sound too good to be true?  You won’t know until you take that first scrumptious bite for yourself.  Trust us, even though you’ll want to share your Genesis Chocolate with everyone you come in contact with, you’re going to secretly want to keep it all for yourself!

Our clearing process includes:

1.  Ho’oponopono  clearing.  The secret Hawaiian System of blessings for wealth, health, peace, and more.

2.  A specifically designed clearing audio on a certain frequency including binaural beat technology.

For more information on just how important energy cleared frequencies are and how they affect us everyday, please take some time to view Dr. Masaru Emoto’s  breakthrough scientific discoveries on how positive changes to water crystals can be achieved through prayer, music, or the written word.